Anika and Taylor Get After It Again

They All Made It

A home run for the entire group of eight out on the fundraising trail. On Sunday, August 25, at 5 PM they completed this 10.9-mile trek across some of the roughest terrains the San Juan Mountains can offer. Thanks to all that made this mission possible and especially all that donated to the GoHawkeye Youth Development Fund. This years one day hike raised more than $8000 which will go to support kids with disabilities recreate in the outdoors.

From left to right; Grayson, Taylor, Hawkeye, and Anika.


Youth Development Fundraiser Hike Trail (2019)

Here is a great example of the GoHawkeye Youth Development Fund at work

Youth Development Fund recipient Aiden Kemp.

Fundraising Hike Benefiting the GoHawkeye Youth Development Fund

Originally published July 10, 2019

Trail Angels Taylor and Anika.

Anika and Taylor are hiking again! On Sunday, August 25, they will begin their most ambitious single-day hike to date with a 10.9-mile walk that begins and ends in Telluride. This high alpine route combines several trails with an average elevation of 11,500 ft. and a high point of 13,000 feet. As usual, they will be raising money for the GoHawkeye Youth Development Fund.

Over the past three summers, these young philanthropists have raised over $13,000 to help kids with disabilities get outside. They have supported the Special Olympics, provided kid hand cycles for two adaptive organizations and last year, provided a dream sit-ski to 12-year-old Aiden Kemp.

“We hike for GoHawkeye!” Taylor and Anika high atop the Wasatch Connection trail during their 2018 fundraising hike.

This trek is more than an opportunity to get outdoors for fresh air and a vigorous 10.9-mile hike. The girl’s main objective is to support kids with physical disabilities enjoy the benefits of recreating in the outdoors by collecting donations to buy adaptive sports equipment and experiences for these individuals. Help them help others by making a donation HERE! All funds raised directly benefit the grant recipients. The GoHawkeye Foundation has GRANTS available for individuals or organizations seeking outdoor recreation equipment and experiences.

“I just love everything about mountain sports. I love the clean air, the thrill of the challenge and the sense of accomplishment when you finish. When I learned that some people didn’t have the same opportunities to participate in sports I knew I wanted to help.  It feels good to know that I am able to help others to be able to experience what I love most.  ” – Ani Parr

Taylor and Anika high above Telluride, Colorado during the Summer of 2018.

Route Description:

This steep and rocky route connects the See Forever Trail #415 to the Wasatch Trail #508 via the Wasatch Connection trail. The route leads up the steep Wasatch trail until intersecting with the Bridal Veil Trail #636 and then on to the ending at Bridal Veil Falls. The Wasatch Connection trail drops off the backside of Gold Hill on the Telluride Ski Resort. The wildflowers through this area of upper Bear Creek in August are some of the best around.

Who Do You Hike For?

Long distance hiking provides a unique opportunity to raise money for a charity. GoHawkeye has been raising money for outdoor adaptive sports since 2007 with over $200,000 in distributed funds. You can get started the … Read More

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