Contest Winner Greg Bufalini’s Telluride Adventure

PURE. TELLURIDE. EXHILARATION. By Greg Bufalini.  I enjoyed an amazing Telluride fall weekend adventure, Sept.9-11, courtesy of GoHawkeye Foundation and their wonderful, life-changing and generous ways. Joined by my good buddy and prosthetist, Greg Mannino, … Read More

2016 GoHawkeye Fundraiser Hike Trail Journal

The fundraiser hike, August 10-26, raised over $1,800 for GoHawkeye grant programs to provide adaptive sports equipment and experiences to adaptive individuals and organizations. Over sixteen days Mother Nature tossed in a few weather challenges … Read More

I Hike For GoHawkeye

  Anika Parr was inspired by Hawkeye’s 135 mile hike of the San Juan loop this summer and once again began a fundraising campaign for the GoHawkeye Foundation. This year she hiked & biked fifty miles in and … Read More

GoHawkeye 2016 Hi Hike Promo Reel

Promotional reel for the GoHawkeye Foundation 2016 HiHike fundraising event. Get all the details HERE.     Please share and like this:

Join the GoHawkeye Crew

This ship is looking for dedicated volunteers to join the crew! We need production mates, a grant writer or two to keep us afloat and an administrative assistant to help the Captain!  Join up and … Read More

And The Winner Is …

GoHawkeye Foundation Announces Inaugural Leg Up Contest Winners Please share and like this:

2016 GoHawkeye Fundraiser Hike

I’ve been thinking about this hike for a few years. A high alpine loop through the San Juan Mountains that would start and finish at my door. 135 miles through four counties visiting four towns … Read More