Dennis Hooper rolls and bowls

Dennis Hooper rolls and bowls

February 13, 2023 Off By Hawkeye Johnson

Dennis Hooper is an Army veteran living with a spinal cord injury and confined to a wheelchair who enjoys bowling and outdoor activities. GoHawkeye was inspired with his equipment grant request essay for his own bowling ball.

Dennis and his new bowling ball. Photo courtesy of Dennis Hooper.

I don’t consider myself special in the paralyzed world. I don’t have any more or less challenges and triumphs than the average paralyzed citizen. Thousands of folks experience a coma. Thousands of folks lose their home and recover. We all have health and social issues. My problems, as few as they are, are petty compared to most and its seems unworthy to list such things in a world of COVID and warring nations abound. I will say that in my little world, I like to bowl with my girlfriend. I would do it more often if I had my own ball. I intend to improve my game. Having a bowling ball would decrease the cost of bowling. It may even intimidate potential competitors when they see a new shiny ball. That feeling alone, is good therapy for me.

Thank you GoHawkeye for the great support. Your group certainly assisted my bowling endeavor. I really feel my game improved with the ball you supported. 

Bowling at the National Veterans Wheelchair Games 2022. Photo courtesy of Dennis Hooper.

The National Veterans Wheelchair Games in Phoenix attracted  over 500-600 veterans. Bowling was one of many sports put on this year. I placed 5th in my group. While not the outcome I aspire to, it was a decent showing on my part.

It was much easier to travel with a better ball bag as well. I will certainly spread the good word about your group. There can never be too much acknowledgement when it comes to our non-profits that support veterans. I hope we can together in the future.

Thanks again.

Dennis Hooper