Leg Up 2.0 winner visits Telluride

The GoHawkeye and TASP crews rock climbing in Telluride, Colorado. Photos By Craig Stein

Scottie McDonald and wife Rita traveled to Telluride, Colorado recently to enjoy a week of activities using the BTK Crossover Knee which he won in the GoHawkeye Leg Up 2.0 contest. This prize sports knee also included a Rocky Mountain experience hosted by the GoHawkeye Foundation in beautiful Telluride. The activities for the week began with the knee set-up by Disabled Hall of Fame skier and Prosthetist Greg Maninno from nearby Montrose, Colorado. Once completed, Scottie received instructions on all the adjustments that the knee is capable of for different sports activities as well as some walking practice with Greg’s guidance.

Scottie lost his leg in a car accident at the age of 18 and using prosthetics, continued on with life even enjoying sports but riding a bike was something he had not tried for 30 years. On mountain bikes donated by the Bootdoctors bike shop, Rita and Scottie enjoyed some introductory riding with Hawkeye on local trails. The BTK Crossover allowed Scottie to power through the pedal stroke, something not possible with other prosthesis. They enjoyed riding bikes again, so much so they began to discuss acquiring bikes to ride at their home in Dallas, Texas.

Climbing and rappelling was a first for the McDonalds and with instruction from the competent staff of the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program (TASP), Rita and Scottie were thrilled to climb some nearby rock formations.

Scottie previously avoided water sports because the prosthetics available were not waterproof. The BTK is waterproof and even more! The next day was spent paddle boarding on Trout Lake with TASP. After a little instruction and training, they were soon comfortable paddling around this beautiful mountain lake.

Scottie McDonald rock climbing with the GoHawkeye Foundation and Telluride Adaptive Sports Program in Telluride, Colorado.

Scottie brought his golf clubs on this trip so hit some golf balls  at the Telluride Ski and Gold driving range to practice for the annual Bob Miller charity golf tournament, sponsored by TASP on the following day. Scottie played very well and the BTK allowed him to put more power into his golf swing.

By this time, Scottie was extremely impressed with the BTK Crossover Knee and his enthusiasm was apparent to all of us at GoHawkeye. He was excited and energized to continue using this innovative sports knee for activities he previously didn’t think possible.

Leg Up 2.0 Telluride Experience Highlights Video
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  1. OH!!!! HOW GRAND!!!! I know no words can describe how all this has made u feel. wonderful—wonderful Nita

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