Living the American Dream

By Denise Ringeman

The GoHawkeye Foundation is helping Channing Cash realize the ‘American Dream’.

Channing Cash from Los Angeles, California.

Born in Laos in 1978, Channing has been wheelchair-bound since the age of eight. She thought that riding a bike, exploring the outdoors, or even competing in sports was something she would never get to experience.

Her family moved to America two years after the runaway bull accident that broke her spine and crushed her hip to have access to better medical care for Channing.

“To say this changed my life forever is an understatement. I look back and I could still be living in a third world country. When something is taken away from you, things like the feeling of water and sand touching your toes, now mean the world to you. The water is a magical place for me. It’s a sense of freedom. I no longer look at my disability as a negative thing. It has brought me more opportunities than I could ever ask for. This journey has taught me self confidence and that life can be “wheelie” awesome again and a blessing in disguise.” – Channing Cash

Channing riding at the WYDAHO Rendezvous. Photo by

Channing received a grant from the GoHawkeye Foundation for $5,000  to help purchase a LasherSport ATHFS handcycle. This rugged recumbent bike designed for off-road adventures enables Channing to train for the Paralympics in Tokyo, Japan 2020! While training, she is working to raise the rest of the funds needed for this bike and travel expenses. One way is through her GoFundMe page.


USA medalist at the 2018 Pan Am and Para Pan Am Championships, Dartmouth Nova Scotia. Channing, Debora Benevides and Kaitlyn Verfuerth.

Channing has recently returned from the Pan American Championship in Nova Scotia where she won the SILVER MEDAL in the women’s Paracanoe KL200 race. Go Team USA!

Donations to the GoHawkeye Foundation are helping this amazing woman live “The American Dream” in addition to many other athletes that live with a disability and are trying to excel. Deductions are tax deductible and you can help us by donating HERE!

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