Corey Lovato Needs Your HELP

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Corey Lovato (Courtesy photo)


There is one individual, in particular, that GoHawkeye Foundation feels compelled to help; The inspiring Corey Lovato. Corey is raising money for a Lasher all terrain handcycle($16,500). He has saved $5,000 toward this goal and his first piece of adaptive equipment. We need $11,500 to help make this happen. Please join GoHawkeye’s “Team Corey” and help us by making a donation.


Corey, 23 years old, has a spinal cord injury at his C6 vertebrae. He has full movement of his biceps, triceps, upper chest, upper back, and shoulders, but very limited partial movement of his hands. His injury is sensory incomplete and motor complete, i.e., he has retained some feeling below the level of injury but does not have any movement.