Six Moon Designs FLEX PACK Gear Review

Luckily, I live in a place where it’s fairly easy to take in some “get out there” time while observing social distancing. I decided to get some “wilderness therapy” while giving the Six Moon Designs FLEX PACK a test in the wilds of Priest Lake located near home in Telluride, Colorado.

Words by Hawkeye. Photos by Craig Stein.

Priest Lake offers some prime real estate for backcountry ski touring and also miles of groomed cross country ski trails. I wanted to give the FLEX PACK a workout using a variety of activities. 

This pack is very comfortable to wear and easy to use. It comes with eight straps with clips and has multiple points to strap on equipment. It also has compression straps to help maintain a balanced load. The 50-liter dry bag allowed me ample room to pack camping gear, climbing skins and avi equipment. The wide mouth top loading makes it easy to access gear.

The dry bag separates from the harness by unfastening a few clips and just as easily attaches when ready to go.

Both downhill and cross country skiing was smooth using this pack because of its close profile to my back and the comfortable hip belt.

I give the FLEX PACK high marks for comfort and versatility. I might even make this my go to pack. It’s waterproof, large and light. If I need to carry something on the outside, I just strap it on. This pack is perfect for different seasons and activities. Now, get out there and enjoy your socially distant adventure with the FLEX PACK by Six Moon Designs.

Rating: 4-1/2 Stars

4 Comments on “Six Moon Designs FLEX PACK Gear Review”

  1. The old Hawkeye would frown!
    Just joking, what kind of a load limit before comfort is compromised. I have always liked the idea of a totally waterproof pack.

  2. I also like the idea of a totally water proof bag. I think it would be great for day hiking also.
    My concern would be for long hikes up and down mountain trails. Hiking up mountain trails, I always tighten my waist pack belt, and loosen my breast strap, then the reverse, to some degree, going down mountain trails. I also strap a variety of smaller pouches onto the waist pack belt that holds items I need throughout the day, i.e. camera, maps, knife, first aide items, snacks, etc.

    1. Hello Triple Crown Hiker “Flatfeet”! Thanks for your question. I’ve read your book A Hiker’s Pathway To The Triple Crown and appreciate your long time fundraising for charities. The pack belt has 2 adjustment straps on each side of the buckle that are very easy to use. It is lightly padded, sturdy but comfortable. It has a 6″x3″ zippered pocket on each side. There is a pocket with drawstring on each shoulder strap as well. I’ll let you demo when we can. For more information: Cheers Gene!

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