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To support adaptive organizations and individuals through financial aid, outdoor experiences and filmmaking meant to inspire people of all abilities. Our films showcase people overcoming disabilities and reaching their goals through active lifestyles and outdoor adventures. Read more of the GoHawkeye Foundation story HERE.
  • Long Distance Isolation Hike

    Long Distance Isolation Hike

    “There were days between Summer flies and August dies …” – Jerry Garcia & Robert Hunter Forty days and 400 miles of isolation in Mother Nature is just what the mind and body need during …Read More »
  • TeamUSA on Standby

    TeamUSA on Standby

    By Channing Cash Since this whole covid19 started, our training and waterways have been shut down. All our races have been postponed or cancelled. Therefore the season 2020 is closed out. The team is kind …Read More »
  • My New Wheels

    My New Wheels

    By Devin Riley Having lost the ability to hike and access remote places at a young age, it is hard to describe how much having an adaptive mountain bike means to me. Is it a …Read More »
  • ADAPTED The Film now in final production …

    ADAPTED The Film now in final production …

    This is a great documentary style feature length film which tells the story of three disabled athletes who thrive in nature. Production is now in the final stage with a time sensitive filming push planned …Read More »
  • Athlete Update: Gerritt Schaffer

    Athlete Update: Gerritt Schaffer

    By Gerritt Schaffer I am very grateful for this racing chair.  I started using this chair one year ago.  Since that time I have had some incredible life changing experiences.  The freedom that comes with …Read More »