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To support adaptive organizations and individuals through financial aid, outdoor experiences and filmmaking meant to inspire people of all abilities. Our films showcase people overcoming disabilities and reaching their goals through active lifestyles and outdoor adventures. Read more of the GoHawkeye Foundation story HERE.
  • How can I?

    How can I?

    It is the question Enock Glidden has answered time and time again throughout his life living with Spina Bifida. Inspired by the loss of his friend, Nick Hall, on Mt Rainier, Enock has chosen to …Read More »
  • My Ski Life

    My Ski Life

    By Aiden Kemp Hello, I’m Aiden Kemp and this is my life as a skier… Since I was three years old I’ve loved to ski, so much so that I used to know the mountain …Read More »
  • 2019 Fundraiser Hike Completed

    2019 Fundraiser Hike Completed

    Hawkeye has completed his 400-mile fundraiser hike ...Read More »
  • Anika and Taylor Get After It Again

    Anika and Taylor Get After It Again

    They All Made It A home run for the entire group of eight out on the fundraising trail. On Sunday, August 25, at 5 PM they completed this 10.9-mile trek across some of the roughest …Read More »
  • Logan Fuller Fundraising A Success

    Logan Fuller Fundraising A Success

    We are proud to announce the successful completion of our Logan Fuller fundraising campaign. In 2018, GoHawkeye made a commitment to help a local quadriplegic sit skier Logan Fuller buy his own ski.  The pirate …Read More »