GoHawkeye Foundation supports the film ADAPTED

The GoHawkeye Foundation is a proud sponsor of the film, ADAPTED. Part of our mission is to support filmmaking projects showcasing people overcoming disabilities to reach their goals through active lifestyles and outdoor adventures. Anna … Read More

Telluride visit recap by Scottie McDonald

September 2017 It was an honor to be awarded the BTK Crossover knee through GoHawkeye’s Leg Up 2.0 contest. The knee alone would have been great, however the prosthesis was not the only element of this award. The fact … Read More

Athlete Profile: Blind skier Kevin Foster

Hawkeye and blind skier Kevin Foster have been skiing together for many years and have also thru-hiked portions of the . They truly enjoy skiing together and have a symbiotic relationship developed over 15 years … Read More

100 Things: Telluride Episode

A day in the life of an adaptive ski instructor can be very unusual.  Last year, I came to work and was told that a film crew from Los Angeles would be filming my lesson … Read More