GoHawkeye Foundation supports the film ADAPTED

GoHawkeye Foundation supports the film ADAPTED

March 17, 2020 Off By Craig Stein

The GoHawkeye Foundation is a proud sponsor of the film, ADAPTED. Part of our mission is to support filmmaking projects showcasing people overcoming disabilities to reach their goals through active lifestyles and outdoor adventures.

Anna Soens sits solo on the summit of Mount Baker and takes in the view. She has just become the first paraplegic to ever summit Mount Baker and is also about to become the first to sit ski back down.

Photos by Paul Bikis.
Director Paul Bikis on location for ADAPTED The Film. Photo by Kjell Redal.

This project was inspired by Hawkeye and the selfless work he does for the adaptive community. After Hawkeye and filmmaker Paul Bikis first met, they agreed to join up on one of Hawkeye’s fundraising hikes around the San Juan Mountains. Paul originally intended to capture Hawkeye’s story in a short film, but as they chatted along the trail he learned about the remarkable adaptive community and an even greater story began to unfold.

Through the film we follow several paraplegics on three life-changing adventures. From the first paraplegic ascent and sit ski descent of Mount Baker, to a 100-mile handcycle ride around the White Rim Trail, to a multi-day raft trip down the mighty Salmon River. We see their raw challenges, their heartfelt successes, and the less-known community supporting these individuals. We see the life-change that paralysis presents and how remarkable the human spirit is in its ability to adapt.

Hawkeye and Paul out on the San Juan Trail.

“Deep in the woods of the Weminuche Wilderness, my mind started to draw connections between Hawkeye’s motivations and the fundamental need for nature we have as humans.”

– Paul Bikis, Director

Anna Soens uses her custom “alpine crutches” to maneuver up Mount Baker in the North Cascades of Washington state. She crutched her way up the stratovolcano – nearly 6,000 feet – over the course of three days using primarily her triceps and shoulders to move her body.

Photo by Paul Bikis.
Danielle Watson on her off-road handcycle she received from the GoHawkeye Foundation in the Utah desert. Photo by Craig Stein.
Danielle Lancelot Watson and Whitney Limbach stop to take in the view on Day 3 of their White Rim Trail expedition in Canyonlands National Park, May 25, 2019. Photo by Paul Bikis.
Danielle and Whitney smile for a photo near the Colorado River May 24, 2019. Their bikes are covered in mud from the heavy rain that caught them on Day 1. Photo by Paul Bikis.
Watch the trailer for the film ADAPTED
Skier Josh Hancock. Photographer Craig Stein.

More about the stories and the people involved in this film project is HERE.