GoHawkeye Enabling Grant Program

The grant program is open to adaptive individuals and organizations in the United States and consists of adaptive sports equipment and adaptive sports experience grants. The grant cycle is biannual ending May 1 and November 1. To apply, complete the appropriate grant application below. It’s very important to read all the sections carefully and use the files requested. A well thought out essay is very important. Read the requirements carefully before submitting an application. GoHawkeye can rarely fund 100% so you should be applying for other grants and/or have some personal fundraising and savings. We especially like to “finish” your fundraising efforts if we are able. If you have any questions, email [email protected].

Sports Equipment Grant

We need to know what kind of equipment you need. Grant funds awarded will only be sent to the retailer.

Sports Experience Grant

We need to know what you want to do and where in the great outdoors. We especially like to support camps offered by adaptive organizations but also include individual experiences.