Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Hawkeye Johnson

President, Co-Founder and Fundraiser
Skier, Long Distance Hiker, Mountain Biker, Fly Fisherman, and Adventurer

“Turn your adventure into a fundraiser and change someone’s life who will then go on to inspire others.”

I was teaching disabled athletes to ski and snowboard but then saw many struggle to afford the equipment. Creating the GoHawkeye Foundation gave me a more fulfilling way to impact adaptive athletes.

Craig Stein

Media Director and Co-Founder
Artist, Fly Fishing Junky, Stand-Up Paddle Boarder, Ski Bum, Mountain Biker, Heavy Equipment Operator

“A man can never own too many fly rods.”

I believe that working with the GoHawkeye Foundation is so rewarding because of the results we are able to achieve. We directly impact disabled athletes lives by enabling them to recreate outdoors in nature. Whether the media is photography, filmmaking, or the written word, I have a passion for telling these stories that inspire us all.

Rube Felicelli

Board Member
Skier and Bicyclist

“Dance hippy dance.”

Moved to Telluride in 1991 as a manager/buyer for Telluride Sports. Real Estate Broker since 2000 with Telluride Real Estate Corp. Mountain Village Town Councilperson 1999-2007, Mayor 2007. San Miguel Power Assoc. Director since 2009, Board President since 2012. Past President Telluride Arts. Volunteer for Telluride Mountainfilm, Telluride Film Festival, Telluride Jazz Festival and Telluride Ride Festival. Announcer for Mountain Village Sunset Concert Series.

Scott Stewart

Board Member and Newsletter Editor
Skier and World Traveller

“I’ve personally experienced the majesty of the outdoors and have seen the positive effect that helping to provide physically challenged persons access to the outdoors can have on their spirit and outlook on life. It’s been a pleasure to contribute to the Board of GoHawkeye to help increase the number of people we can positively impact by helping them better pursue outdoor activities.”

The owner of Community Flights (An Air Travel Company), Scott has a BA from the University of Arizona in Radio-TV-Film and has completed a Master’s Program in Liberal Studies at Wesleyan University. He also sits on the Telluride Fire District Board of Directors and serves as the Two Rivers HOA Board President. Scott moved to Colorado in 1998 and Telluride in 2005. Like most living in Telluride, Scott loves to ski and be outdoors.


Paul Savage

Board Member
Skier and ATVer
“The ADA is not optional; violation is a hate crime, get the f@&k out of my way.”

I left UW-Milwaukee to start a graphic design firm. I moved to Colorado to become a ski bum, supported by waiting tables nights in fine dining. I got run over by a truck while changing the oil on a car in my driveway. I spent two of the next three years in hospitals/nursing homes/rehab centers as my injury required 43 surgeries, with a couple of years after that spent primarily homebound further rehabilitating. I’m now back to ski bumming, my snowboard swapped out for a monoski. I established the Mono Posse Clubhouse, where other monoskiers plus friends and family can freely stay while skiing Telluride. The Clubhouse cultivates the collective experience of the Posse to advance monoskiing, monoski tuning, and après-monoskiing. I advocate to allow Posse members to obtain the rights they have already been granted.


Jan Newell

Board Member and Business Manager                       
Trail Runner

“Change your thoughts and you change your world” –Norman Vincent Peale

Jan became interested in bookkeeping during her years as office manager for a local non-profit organization when she first moved to Telluride. She became a Certified Bookkeeper in 2010 and started a bookkeeping business in 2011. Specializing in non-profit organizations, Jan combines computer and spreadsheet skills in her consulting services. 

GoHawkeye matters to me because my brother was in a wheelchair since age 13 and had the opportunity during his teen years to get out on a 6-wheeler provided with support from our community.  He was able to drive to our hunting cabin each winter to hunt with the family, and to explore the woods with his able-bodied family & friends.  GoHawkeye provides those same opportunities that so enriched my brother’s life.


Rob Johnson

Board Member
Camping, Hiking, Jeeping, Fishing and Hunting

“Let go or be dragged…”  Zen proverb

I’ve lived all over the country and overseas.  I have lived in Telluride for the last ten years. I worked in mining, oil and gas, public accounting, and as a commercial photographer.  I currently work for the Town of Mountain Village in transportation.

I enjoy my involvement with the GoHawkeye Foundation because I’m passionate about helping people who want to help themselves.

Our Inspiring Volunteers

Tony Forrest – Trout Wrangler

Grayson, Taylor, and Anika – DIY Hike Fundraiser Team

Pam Seaboldt- Photographer


Paul Bikis – Filmmaker

Deb Madaris- Spiritual Advisor


Jack Rauch- Videographer

Will James- Videographer

Greg Mannino- Resident Prosthetist