2018 Fundraiser Hike: 300 Mile GoHawkeye San Juan Trail

2018 Fundraiser Hike: 300 Mile GoHawkeye San Juan Trail

July 13, 2018 Off By Hawkeye Johnson
Hawkeye has finished another fundraiser hike of the GoHawkeye San Juan Trail. Review the tale from the trail here …

300-Mile Fundraiser Hike a Success

This summer marks the third year in a row that Hawkeye is walking out his door in Telluride, Colorado and into the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado. This time, the route has been extended to 300 miles and includes resupply stops in the towns of Durango, Pagosa Springs, Creede, Lake City and Ouray. He will pack a fishing rod and be taking 5 1/2 weeks to savor this high alpine(10,400 ft. avg. elevation) loop trail he has pioneered around the famous San Juan Volcanic Field which includes hot springs, gushing streams and waterfalls, and fourteen thousand foot peaks

Continental Divide in the Weminuche Wilderness.

Last years hike was an incredible experience and successful fundraiser with almost $10,000 raised to support adaptive sports. Hawkeye was joined at one point by a group of paraplegic outdoorsmen known as the Dirty Roller Mono Posse, who provided him with an ATV tour of the mountains and lakes near Creede Colorado. These men are leading the fight to improve access to the backcountry for people living with a disability. If you would like to read more about his adventure with the Posse, VIEW Hawkeye’s journal of the 2017 hike.

Dirty Roller Posse.

The GoHawkeye San Juan Trail(GST) has an incredible 66,000 vertical foot loss and gain through the remote mountain ranges of the San Juan Mountains and 6 wilderness areas including the Weminuche Wilderness, Colorado’s largest wilderness with 467,400 acres. The GST combines a variety of established trails, forest roads, abandoned trails and even some bushwacking through four National Forests. This year, Hawkeye will include the Lizard Head Wilderness in the San Miguel Mountains and a portion of the Colorado trail south toward Durango. The GST circumnavigates the vast San Juan Volcanic Field which contain 18 calderas including the La Garita Caldera, near Creede, which is among the largest known volcanic eruptions in Earth’s history.

Hunchback pass.

GoHawkeye hike fundraising is one way we raise money to support adaptive sports. Our grant program helps adaptive athletes and adaptive organizations through the purchase of equipment and unique outdoor experiences for people living with a disability. Last year we awarded $45,000 to 13 athletes and 3 organizations. Since 2007, Hawkeye has raised over $100,000 by hiking thousands of miles across this country but it wouldn’t be possible without your help! Please consider supporting this fundraiser per mile HERE.  Choose an option and donate $1, 2, 5, 10 per mile, or name your own amount. Hawkeye has hiked over 17,000 miles and has many stories. If you would like to read his complete daily journal of the 2017 hike, go HERE.

Along the GoHawkeye San Juan Trail.

Adaptive sports save lives and give hope to those dealing with a life-changing injury or condition! Let’s help those willing to fight barriers, challenge themselves and find freedom through recreation and sports. Join GoHawkeye Now! Please DONATE.




Download the KML route file for Google Earth HERE.

Click on the image above for PDF version of route map and elevation profile.

2018 GoHawkeye San Juan Trail route description;                               

Wilson Mesa Trailhead ⇒Trail 421 ⇒Trail 420 ⇒Trail 505 Lizard Head ⇒Rt. 145⇒ Tr. 637 Cross Mountain ⇒Tr. 638 East Fork ⇒Bolam Pass ⇒Colorado Trail ⇒Hotel Draw Rd.⇒FS550⇒FS578 ⇒Purgatory Ski Area⇒Rt. 550 ⇒Tr. 511 Cascade Ck.⇒Tr. 675 Animas River⇒Tr. 504 Needle Ck. ⇒Chicago Basin ⇒Tr. 534 Endich Mesa ⇒Vallecito ⇒Pine River Trailhead⇒Tr. 523 Pine River ⇒Tr. 813 CDT ⇒Piedra Pass ⇒Tr. 561 West Fork ⇒ Rt. 160⇒Wolf Creek Pass ⇒Tr. 813 CDT(N) ⇒Tr. 828 Sawtooth ⇒Tr. 827 Goose Ck.⇒Tr. 807 Roaring Fork⇒FS528⇒Tr. 806 Deep Creek⇒FS 503⇒San Luis Pass⇒Tr. 593 E. Mineral Ck.⇒Tr. 466 Mineral Ck.Tr. 460 N. Calf Ck.Devil’s LakeDevil’s Lake Trail ⇒Rt. 149Tr. 235 Crystal LakeTr. 233 Ridge Stock DriveBear Creek Nat. Rec Trail ⇒FS 853 Camp Bird Rd.⇒FS 853.1b⇒Tr. 201 Blue Lakes⇒Tr. 200 Dallas⇒Tr. 510 Alder Ck.⇒Tr. 419 Whipple Mountain. 

[map style=”width: auto; height:400px; margin:20px 0px 20px 0px; border: 1px solid black;” maptype=”Relief” z=”3″ kml=”https://gohawkeye.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/GoHawkeyeSanJuanTrail2018-2.kml”]

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