Amelia Alder’s riding therapy

Amelia Alder’s riding therapy

July 4, 2021 Off By Hawkeye Johnson
Amelia Alder during a riding therapy session. (Courtesy photo.)

Thank you again for awarding Amelia with a Sports Experience Grant for the therapeutic horse riding! It has been a great experience for my daughter to spend time outdoors, take care of a horse, learn more about these amazing animals, build relationships with the instructor, and, of course, become a better rider. She loved it and truly had lots of fun experiences and memories! 

Amelia was awarded a sports experience grant for one-on-one riding lessons by the GoHawkeye Foundation. (Courtesy photo.)

We started the school year with hippotherapy in a group and for this summer decided to progress her to a one-on-one session to build more skills and have individually tailored lessons. Also, your grant was sent to TROT, Brook Vincent, who unfortunately was unable to continue teaching, and last August we moved to Abundant Rein Horse Riding Center. Amelia was still able to receive once a week therapy, so this change did not affect her.

I strongly believe that participation in this wonderful program helped strengthen my daughter’s muscles, provided sensory stimulation, improved her social skills and, she has become more confident horse rider.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving her this opportunity!

Katerina Alder