GoHawkeye helps Holly improve in archery

GoHawkeye helps Holly improve in archery

July 1, 2023 Off By Hawkeye Johnson

Holly is an active and vibrant 9th grader who loves to learn. She has been a warrior
since the day she was born and has never let her limb deficiency limit her. Holly’s positive attitude allows her to be a social butterfly. She is eager to explain the circumstances of why she wears a prosthetic and even though it looks different, it works like any other leg.

Holly has been a sports enthusiast since she was four years old. In the fall she was a member of the Bingham Middle School volleyball team and Bingham Middle School track team. Currently she is a member of the DASA track team running the 100 meters, 200 meters and 4×100 universal relay. She also participates in archery and throws discus.

GoHawkeye helped Holly improve her archery skills with a $600 grant for arrows and archery lessons. Her mother, Janna, sent this progress report from her lessons.

By Janna Martinez

Holly has been a sports enthusiast since she was four years old. Holly began participating in the Endeavor Games in Oklahoma City in 2021. She participated in a variety of sports but archery won her over.

Fast forward to 2023 Holly expressed a desire to be formally trained by an archery expert. After applying for the Hawkeye grant, Holly was lucky enough to find a coach in Independence, Missouri. Coach Melinda at Excellence Archery started with the very basics. We were so thankful for this because we discovered that Holly was left eye dominant and should be shooting with her left hand instead of her right hand. Coach Melinda then was able to contact the bow company to adjust her bow to become left handed.

After Holly’s bow was adjusted the lessons began. She began with exercises to strengthen her form and her stance. Holly slowly worked her way from 10 meters shooting distance in indoor archery to shooting 50 meters outdoors. Holly has had the opportunity to build her confidence, practice self-reflection and expand her social circle within the community. Holly said, “Archery is so fun and I made a ton of new friends!”

Today Holly was able to take her first test. The minimum points to qualify was 30 and Holly shot a 72. We are so proud of her! To add to the excitementHolly has been asked to join the club team at Archery Excellence. Thank you so much GoHawkeye for allowing Holly to become a shooter and showcase her confidence.

Holly Bernard scores a medal! Photo by Janna Martinez.