Tentative Dates: August 14-16

Location: TBD

We are busily planning a trout fishing outing during the 2020 GoHawkeye San Juan Trail long distance fundraiser hike. Each year the GoHawkeye Foundation hosts a fish camp somewhere along the route. This encampment is meant to give Hawkeye a break and resupply for several days approximately halfway thru his 400-mile trek. We usually take advantage of this event to shoot photos and videos to share with followers who are tracking Hawkeye’s progress.

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This year we are opening up this opportunity to meet Hawkeye out on the San Juan Trail at fish camp to our supporters. Anyone donating $500 or more to the GoHawkeye Foundation before July 16, 2020 is eligible to attend this annual outing. This is a great excuse to experience what it is like out on the trail for Hawkeye and additionally experience fly or gear fishing for Rocky Mountain trout species. The location will offer both still water and stream fishing experiences.