August 14-16 • Platoro, Colorado

The GoHawkeye support crew is busily prepping for a trout fishing outing while Hawkeye is out on the GoHawkeye San Juan Trail. Each year an all volunteer crew for the GoHawkeye Foundation hosts a fish camp somewhere along the route. This encampment is meant to give Hawkeye a break and resupply for several days approximately halfway thru his 400-mile trek. We usually take advantage of this event to shoot photos and videos to share with online followers who are tracking Hawkeye’s progress.

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This year we are opening up this opportunity to meet Hawkeye out on the San Juan Trail at fish camp to our supporters. Anyone donating $500 or more to the GoHawkeye Foundation before August 7, 2020 is eligible to attend this annual outing. This is a great excuse to experience what it is like out on the trail for Hawkeye and additionally experience fly or gear fishing for Rocky Mountain Trout species. The location offers both still water and stream fishing opportunities. No fishing or camping experience necessary. All camping and fishing gear provided. Contact Craig Stein for the most recent information.

About Platoro Reservoir and the Conejos River

This well stocked reservoir offers excellent fishing for Rainbow, Brown, and Brook Trout as well as Kokanee Salmon.

Platoro is the blending of the Spanish words “plata” (silver) and “oro” (gold), and this secluded mountain reservoir strikes it rich when it comes to outdoor recreation. In 1870, gold and silver was discovered in area, which lead to a small boom in 1913 and the settling of the small town which still stands today. The prospectors and mule trains may have left long ago, but today the area attracts anglers and outdoors enthusiasts for its pristine setting.

Current Regional Fishing Conditions

Summer fishing is here. Rivers and streams are down from their peak spring runoffs and the hatches are ON in most parts of southern Colorado. For fly anglers, this is the time for the infamous dry/dropper combination set up. There are increasing reports of yellow sally, caddis, golden stones, PMD’s, and even some hoppers being eaten off the top. There is also good fishing in many lakes across the region as well. However, there have been some reports that indicate the bite has slowed for certain water bodies that have reach temperatures too high for good fish activity, at least throughout the daytime. If that is the case for your local fishing hole, head into the mountains to find lakes and reservoirs with less heat and cool, deep depths.