Six Years of Milestones

Six Years of Milestones

December 12, 2020 Off By Hawkeye Johnson

The year 2020 has been very harsh for so many people. However, for the GoHawkeye Foundation it was our biggest year of giving ever! We are grateful to have provided grant awards to 17 adaptive athletes and four adaptive organizations. These awards, for a wide range of equipment and experiences, were given to applicants of all ages from across the country.

2020 Grants For Children

  • Nickolas 13, MD, Monoski lessons- $900
  • Owen 6, PA, Bi-Ski- $1500
  • Genevieve 12, UT, Equestrian riding saddle- $800
  • Amelia 9, OK, Hippo-therapy sessions- $900
  • Braxton 11, GA, Grit all terrain wheelchair- $2500

2020 Grants For Adults

  • William 21, NC, Lasher handcycle- $2500
  • Barry 53, CO, Helmet and climbing harness- $288
  • Adam 28, NY, DynAccess monoski- $3500
  • Krista 21, CO, Custom wheelchair- $2500
  • Joe 35, WI, ReActive Adaptations handcycle- $3000
  • Julie 60, CO, Electric fishing rod-$230
  • Paul 35, NY, Grit all terrain wheelchair- $2500
  • Laura 32, IL, Colorado ski camp- $500
  • Jimmy 31, OR, DynAccess monoski- $3000
  • Kelly 49, TX, Freewheel wheelchair attachment- $450
  • Loehn, 34, OR, Jettrike handcycle- $4000

2020 Special Fundraiser

We conducted a fundraiser for Corey Lavato 33, AZ, for a Lasher all terrain handcycle. Corey applied his savings with a grant from the Kelly Brush Foundation and GoHawkeye helped him finish the goal with $6,250 from the fundraiser.

2020 Grants for Organizations

GoHawkeye awarded four organizations with equipment grants that will help many more people experience the benefits of adaptive sports and getting out in nature which is especially important during this pandemic. We were especially excited to help Step Forward Films, “Adapted” with a $2500 grant. This documentary film by Paul Bikis creates awareness about the importance of nature through the adventures of three disabled athletes, Danielle, Anna and Josh who all were past GoHawkeye grant recipients.

  • Camp Big Sky in Georgia, Archery equipment- $400
  • Eagle Mount Boseman in Montana, Tandem tricycle- $2,500
  • Georgia Special Olympics- $500

2020 was a great year for us thanks to generous GoHawkeye donors and we made a huge impact. Unfortunately we had to turn down as many applicants as we helped for lacking funds. Let us all end this crazy year and feel happy by digging deep for a donation. No matter the size, it adds up and together we will help even more people next year!