Where In The World …

Where In The World …

… Is Hawkeye?

Mission complete!

End of the Desert to Mountains trail in Mountain Village, Colorado.


Thursday, July 15 -Columbine Lake palisades. Lewis Lake in the Bridal Veil Basin. Lift 15 in the Revelation Bowl. Lift 6 and the See Forever trail. The end of the trail at Tracks in Mountain Village, Colorado.

The high and narrow

Wednesday, July 14 -John and Samantha, my hosts in Silverton, Colorado. Silverton through the clouds. High and narrow on the trail to Columbine Lake. Columbine dam. My trusty Six Moon Designs Fusion 65 backpack and SMD Skyscape Trekker tent at Columbine Lake.

Mountain wildlife

Tuesday, July 13 -Lost Lake neighbors. Leaving Lost Lake. Dramatic view. Mountain goat herd. Abandon mine.


Monday, July 12 -Beartown mine. Beartown flowers. Colorado Trail and CDT coincide here. CT trail marker. Verde Lakes.

Flint Lake

Sunday, July 11 -Flint campsite buddies. Gravity Sawyer water filter. Hunchback Pass. Slate trail. CDT northbound thru-hiker Mustache Money.

High Alpine Fishery

Saturday, July 10 -Wolverton angler greets the day. Goodbye Ute Lake. Hello Flint Lake. Flint Lake campsite. Chef boy-o-boy Tony. Cutthroat Trout for dinner.

Hiking Buddies

Friday, July 9 -Tony creek crossing. Wild flower wonderland. Tony and approaching storm.

Lovely Trail

Thursday, July 8 -Lovely ponds with dense, miserable willows.


Wednesday, July 7 -Beetle kill gray. Lovely terrain. Lovely clouds.

Alpine Dreams

Tuesday, July 6 -Rock carin points the way. The Continental Divide Trail. Last of Knife Edge snow.

High on the Divide

Monday, July 5 -Storm coming in. Birthday boy and Archuleta Lake. The Continental Divide.Mountain wild flowers.

Happy 4th of July

Sunday, July 4 -Entering the Weminuche Wilderness. Rock Lake. Fourth of July camp

Independence Day Celebration

Saturday, July 3 -Flyover and Pagosa Springs parade.

Downtown Pagosa Springs

Thursday, July 1 -Nean’s rest- Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

The Great Divide

Wednesday, June 30 -Trailside plant. Wolf Creek Pass in the distance. The trail on a no rain day. Trail Angel Caren4u at Wolf Creek Pass.

Fields of Snow

Wednesday, June 30 -Mushroom rock. Lingering snowfields. Steep passage. Leaving the South San Juan Wilderness.

Up even higher

Tuesday, June 29 -Blue lake. Ever present clouds. Rain in mountainous terrain. Low clouds. First Columbine and friends.

Up into the southern San Juan Mountains

Monday, June 28 -Climbing into the South San Juan Mountains. Entering the South San Juan Wilderness. Clearing with snow. Squalls ahead.

Back to the trail

Sunday, June 27 -Leaving Cumbres Pass. Two kinds of trail. Rain begins for the next four days. Dangerous trail conditions on trail 813.

Resupply in Chama, New Mexico

Sunday, June 27 -Rest day at the Chama Trails Inn.

Welcome to beautiful Colorado

Saturday, June 26 -At the Colorado state line. Me, Honey and Repeat. Father and son thru hike of the CDT. Storm clouds at Cumbres Pass.

Friday, June 25 -Pam, Diane and Bertha shared breakfast with me. On the trail with the Six Moon Designs Fusion 65 and Skyscape Trekker.

Along the long trail

Thursday, June 24

Carson National Forest

Wednesday, June 23 -Hawkeye is in the Carson.

Return to the trail

Tuesday, June 22 -Hawkeye’s first full day back on the trail.

Images from the 2021 edition of Fish Camp on the Desert to Mountains trail.

2021 Fish Camp – Abiquiu, New Mexico

Monday, June 21
Hawkeye is back on the trail in New Mexico after a short recovery after a dehydration health issue which forced him off the trail until after fish camp.

Sour Belly

Friday, June 4-
Hike on hold. Hawkeye became dehydrated and had a bad belly last week. He initially thought he had Giardiasis but not the case. Debbie drove down to bring him home for recovery last weekend. He is doing better now and will return to the trail for fish camp next week.
I’m forced to leave the trail here and return to Telluride to recover from health issues related to heat and dehydration that have plagued me for the last few days.

Toaster house porch shoes. “Take a pair, leave a pair”

Time for Hot Shower

Thursday, June 3-
Toaster house gate Pie Town,NM. A donation based hostel for CDT bikers and hikers. Nita, Toaster house owner raised five children here and lives nearby. She remembered me from 2003 and pulled out my picture.

Time for Hot Shower

Wednesday, June 2-DaVilla ranch, donation based rest stop for CDT hikers. Kitchen, shower, shower and flush toilet.

Exiting the Canyon

Thursday, May 27-Middle fork Grotto. Leaving the canyon. Snow lake low water. Six Moon Designs Fusion 65 backpack and Skyscape Trekker tent.

Where There’s Smoke …

Wednesday, May 26-Middle fork trail. Middle fork grasses. Fractured canyon wall. Middle fork pools. Canyon water. Beating the smoke from West fork fire.

The First Hot Springs

Tuesday, May 25- Starting the smokey middle fork of the Gila River. Jordan hot springs.

A Little Greener

Monday, May 24- Doc Campbell’s Post in Gila Hot Springs.
Gila Hot Springs RV-Park.
Ranchers and dogs drove in horses for two hours of grazing.

Some Color

Sunday, May 23- CDT-hiker, Blast.

First week on trail completed!

Friday, May 21 – Looking forward to a day off in Silver City tomorrow. Alternate trail down this wash. I was surprised to see Debbie at the bottom of the wash.

Starting to Climb

Thursday, May 20 – Leaving the low desert behind. Foothills of the Gila National Forest. Javalinas having fun!

Final day in the Southern Desert

Wednesday, May 19 – “Blitz” from Germany. He is headed to Canada and his Triple Crown. Last of the desert. Discount laid down and didn’t get up.

… and on.

Tuesday, May 18 – Headed for Pyramid peak.

The trail goes on ….

Monday, May 17 – Lunch break.

Staying Cool

Saturday, May 15 – Whole lotta nothing. Desert oasis along the trail. Home is where the van is.

The Beginning

Friday, May 14 – Crazy Cook Monument, New Mexico. The most southern point on the Continental Divide Trail.

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