2017 hike fundraiser GoHawkeye San Juan Trail a success

2017 hike fundraiser GoHawkeye San Juan Trail a success

September 25, 2017 Off By Hawkeye Johnson

The 250 mile fundraiser hike, The GoHawkeye San Juan Trail, was an incredible hike and an amazing success with $8,300 raised to benefit adaptive sports for athletes and organizations. Hawkeye traversed a route that he created through the breathtaking and rugged San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado. The hike spanned a 32 day period with a total vertical gain/loss of over 54,000 feet and 140 miles above 10,000 feet. 

This door to door loop from his home in Telluride, Colorado encompassed a large portion of the San Juan Volcanic Field which contains the LaGarita Caldera, site of the largest eruption on earth known to man. These rugged volcanic mountains also contain some excellent trout fly fishing in streams, creeks and high alpine lakes enjoyed by Hawkeye over low mileage days.

The weather was rugged during the wet Colorado Monsoon by raining often, sometimes twice a day. Some of the trails were rough, overgrown and at times, non existent. However, feet and shoes will dry and you’re never really lost when you can read a map and follow a compass and especially if the scenery is magnificent.

Daybreaks and sunsets were typically beautiful combined with having the freedom to move under your own power with everything needed on your back makes this trek very empowering.  Raising money for a important and worthwhile cause to help people with disabilities makes it even more rewarding.

Kenji on a Wildcat handcycle with Oregon Adaptive Sports in Bend, OR. provided by GoHawkeye fundraising.

Everyone should spend some time alone in the wilderness living with nature.  The more you do it, the more comfortable with it you get. It allows you to be alone with your thoughts and practice control of your mind. This is calming, relaxing and eliminates stress. Throw in some fishing for an even greater benefit and watch your happiness grow.

Add the reward of helping others and together we can change the world!

Thank you to everyone who helped in one way or another to make this fundraiser hike a huge success. With your support we ARE changing the world more and more each year. It’s not too late to donate to help make this happen. Do it now, do it here.

See the tale of the trail here.