2018 San Juan Trail Route and Map

2018 San Juan Trail Route and Map

April 17, 2018 Off By Craig Stein

Download the KML route file for Google Earth HERE.

Click on the image above for PDF version of route map and elevation profile.

2018 GoHawkeye San Juan Trail route description;                               

Wilson Mesa Trailhead ⇒Trail 421 ⇒Trail 420 ⇒Trail 505 Lizard Head ⇒Rt. 145⇒ Tr. 637 Cross Mountain ⇒Tr. 638 East Fork ⇒Bolam Pass ⇒Colorado Trail ⇒Hotel Draw Rd.⇒FS550⇒FS578 ⇒Purgatory Ski Area⇒Rt. 550 ⇒Tr. 511 Cascade Ck.⇒Tr. 675 Animas River⇒Tr. 504 Needle Ck. ⇒Chicago Basin ⇒Tr. 534 Endich Mesa ⇒Vallecito ⇒Pine River Trailhead⇒Tr. 523 Pine River ⇒Tr. 813 CDT ⇒Piedra Pass ⇒Tr. 561 West Fork ⇒ Rt. 160⇒Wolf Creek Pass ⇒Tr. 813 CDT(N) ⇒Tr. 828 Sawtooth ⇒Tr. 827 Goose Ck.⇒Tr. 807 Roaring Fork⇒FS528⇒Tr. 806 Deep Creek⇒FS 503⇒San Luis Pass⇒Tr. 593 E. Mineral Ck.⇒Tr. 466 Mineral Ck.Tr. 460 N. Calf Ck.Devil’s LakeDevil’s Lake Trail ⇒Rt. 149Tr. 235 Crystal LakeTr. 233 Ridge Stock DriveBear Creek Nat. Rec Trail ⇒FS 853 Camp Bird Rd.⇒FS 853.1b⇒Tr. 201 Blue Lakes⇒Tr. 200 Dallas⇒Tr. 510 Alder Ck.⇒Tr. 419 Whipple Mountain. 

[map style=”width: auto; height:400px; margin:20px 0px 20px 0px; border: 1px solid black;” maptype=”Relief” z=”3″ kml=”https://gohawkeye.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/GoHawkeyeSanJuanTrail2018-2.kml”]

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