Help Brian Cone get a sit ski

GoHawkeye has awarded Brian with a $4,000 grant towards his own custom sit ski and our commitment to help raise the remaining funds needed to reach his goal. Please donate here and if you can, attend the Pirate Party fundraiser @ 5:30pm on February 11, 2024 at the Telluride Distilling Company in Mountain Village. Live music, silent auction, fun and good fellowship at this pirate themed fundraiser. Dress like a pirate or come as you arrrr.


Brian Cone was out riding his road bike on June 21st , 2021 and sustained a C5/C7 spinal cord injury when he hit a gate across his bicycle path at a road crossing at 27 mph – causing paralysis from the chest down for four months. The black unmarked gate was invisible in front of the sun.

The road to his recovery has been hard and painful in many ways.  Formerly an accomplished skier, bike rider and all around athlete, Brian’s determination and hard work has paid off with increased mobility for himself  but he is equally determined to regain his family life as a productive husband and father.

“I’d like to give being a provider a run again and I’m going to continue to work on the relationships that I do have and continue to branch out in the adaptive sports community, meet new people, talk about my path and their path and continue to share experiences in the mountains with them, as well as do my very best to raise two amazing little girls,” -Brian Cone

GoHawkeye is committed to helping Brian buy his own custom sit ski so that he may continue his effort to create meaningful  outdoor experiences with his family on the ski slopes. Please donate to help us help Brian.