Stephen Peterson’s golf experience

Stephen Peterson’s golf experience

February 13, 2023 Off By Hawkeye Johnson

Stephen is an injured Army veteran who loves the game of golf. GoHawkeye awarded him a $600 experience grant to play at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Resort in Orlando, Florida. This is his report of the experience.

Experience recap by Stephen Peterson

Photos courtesy of Stephen Peterson

Grand cypress was the course and I played the links. Remaining active in the outdoors is crucial for my physical and mental well-being. It is a valuable tool for our recovery. If I could give one piece of advise, look for something you can utilize on a regular basis as an outlet and create a you time space for yourself. When I’m out there playing, all of my stressors don’t exist and I focus on the task at hand which is getting the ball in the hole in as less strokes as possible. I’ve seen myself grow from the sport which is why I keep doing what I love. Helping others in similar conditions as mine by providing experiences in what they love to do, helps us understand that there are groups such as GoHawkeye that offer a helping hand. And we will be forever grateful for your organization and your mission. 

The golf course was exceptional and I enjoyed it very much.

I will make a point to return possibly next year. The tee off on each hole was nice and open so I wouldn’t lose many balls but the greens were tough and very fast. I was able to get my best personal record a round of 100 with a birdie to finish off at the 18th hole which happens to be my first birdie ever! This will be a experience and trip to remember for many years to come. Everyone at the hotel was amazing and very accommodating and there were tons of amenities and fun options to explore. Definitely exceeded my expectations. Thank you again.


Stephen Peterson